Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Korean Connection

I have a connection in Seoul, South Korea. As such I'm trying to find out how easy or hard it is to publish a book in Korea. I'm very interested in publishing in Korea, Japan and China. Does anyone have any ideas / connections / websites they can suggest? For instance I'm not sure whether to just leave the books in English (assuming that parents might buy the books to help teach English to their children), or if I should translate them into say Korean. The problem with translating is that my next book is  rhyming, and I'm guessing its virtually impossible to translate a rhyming English story into Korean, Japanese or Chinese. Probably true even for French or German!

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  1. I had a fairly good experience with IMAGO printing. They printed one of the books I illustrated. It was printed in Singapore, but I belive the offices may be located in London. I chose them because they had printed a number of excellent books by Graeme Base and the color was spot on.
    here is a link: