Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Converting a Children's Book to ePub Format

There are two ways of doing this - both of which I'm exploring. The first is to go it alone, setting up everything, and the second is to go via an aggregator like Lulu or Smashwords. I'm starting both today and will post how I get on with both methods - including (hopefully) revenue streams with the same cover price.

The first step is to create two ePub books - which is probably the easiest part. I'm using iWork Pages which seems to do the trick, and lets me preview on iPhone and iPad very easily.


  1. I will be interested to see how you progress with this.
    Have you seen this post by Loreen Leedy on the 'e is for book' site?


    She used the Book Creator iPad app to create an ePub with fixed layouts for her iBook.
    Sharing this in case it helps you :o)

  2. Thanks for that June - that;s an interesting article. I'll have a look at that App - I'm in two minds as whether to let Pages do the flow for me, or to try and force the format.