Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Great Reviews for There's a Bear on My Roof

We've had some great reviews for There's a Bear on My Roof - including an excellent 5/5 from an Amazon top-500 reviewer.

Lovely Story When looking for childrens books my golden rule is that the book MUST be enjoyable and pleasurable enough for me to enjoy because we all know how children like to have the same book read to them over and over. 

"Theres a Bear on my Roof" is a lovely story with a hidden message. That we all make mistakes and get sad and angry, being sad and angry isnt very pleasant but with one word..."sorry" and a sympathetic ear, the saddness goes away and everything is good again. 

I liked the flow of the story, the rhyming and the illustrations were good. Definately recommend this book!

By S. D. Williams, Amazon Top-500 Reviewer

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