Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Goblin and the Girl - ISBN 978-0-9561430-9-9

Here's the cover for the latest book - now officially titled "The Goblin and the Girl". It's a fairy tale, and had a great response in Frankfurt. Basically, it's about self confidence, and the coming of age. The illustration is by Park Yun (her third with Smallfish Books)  and is outstanding - she developed the illustrations from my rough sketches very well, adding originality and intrigue along the way. 


  1. your books looks fantastic. thanks for leaving comment. :)

  2. I love your books too!!!Much:)

  3. I love your books too!!! So much:)

  4. Thanks for your comments - yes we're very happy with this book which will be out in November.

  5. Thanks for your comments- your work is fantastic! Congratulations!I am your fan! :)

  6. I love this style! So soft and enigmatic!
    Beautiful color gamut :-)
    Congratulations!!! <3

  7. Thanks for your kind comments - we'll be publishing two more similar books before the Bologna Children's Book Fair in March 2011.

  8. no, dont have PO BOX...
    but thank you for offering.

    this cover is so neat, really.
    is she a watercolorist?
    shes great!

    btw, thanks for leaving me comment.
    sometimes i participate in:
    just for fun... or for nothing.
    and this week's theme is "Spooky"..
    i was kinda hoping "Gothic", though...

    yeah, have a great weekend okay!