Sunday, 6 December 2009

Latest illustration for "The Wall" book

Catty has been working hard despite travelling to New Zealand for Xmas. Here's the latest illustration from a new book coming out soon. The working title is "The Wall" - and in this scene the boy is travelling across the sea.

One great side effect of working with pro-active illustrators is that they offer ideas and insight which can help improve the story - or at least to help crystalise what it was I was trying to convey.

I'll be taking this to Bologna of course to try and sell publishing rights.


  1. hello Neil!
    thank you very much :)
    yes you are quite right, it's warmer here than in london.
    and ive never seen snow in real life... yes...

    this illustration (The Wall) is fun!
    It's like a comic book or something.

  2. and i was wondering... what is Bologna Book Fair?
    ive never heard of it...

  3. Thanks Mita - the illustrations have had great feedback. Well done on your book covers - looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Hi Maria - thanks for the comment - I wish I could do this - but the praise has to go to Catty.