Thursday, 26 November 2009

Illustration in Progress for the Third Smallfish Book

Here's an initial sketch for the third book from Smallfish Books. I can't reveal the title or plot yet, especially as I'm taking it to the Bologna Children's book fair. Advance Information should be available on the Smallfish Books website soon at

In the mean time, great work Rhoda, looking forward to finalising the character designs and creating the dummy books for the fair.


  1. what do you mean by "the third book from Smallfish Books"?
    im so curious... did you write all the books?

    by the way, me too i like quentin blake!!

  2. Hi - Yes I write all the books, but no longer have the time to do all the illustration. Plus I really like the idea of having other people contribute using different styles. Hopefully five new books in 2010.

  3. wow thats great really!
    i hope you will find some great illustrators (with different styles too of course!) for all your books.
    congratulation on your third book, ok!