Friday, 6 March 2009

PDF's Emailed to the Print on Demand Company

I've emailed three PDF's to the printers (Print On Demand Worldwide - Generally you have to break the deliverable PDF's into;
  1. Front Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Back Cover
I also sent a special ".ttf" True Type Font file over for a special font I'm using on a few pages. As I'm only having an initial 25 copies printed to test the water it's quite expensive - it'll come about at about £6.80 per book, so initially I'll be making a loss. That's ok, the idea is to see if I can make sales. If I can and I print in higher volumes the price of production will come down such that I'll be making a profit. It's a tough business model but I'd rather do it this way than print 1,000 copies only to put them in my loft for 10 years. After all, it's not just about Tortoise George - he's my point man (tortoise) - it's all about building up Smallfish Books.

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