Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Problems with Amazon Advantage

I've been trying to set up my Amazon Advantage account but it's proving to be less than straight forward than I thought it would be. I started to set it up but then wanted to register it under a different email address - to link it to all my lists and reviews etc. I emailed Amazon and asked them to delete the entry so I could re-register with the new email address. They said they couldn't delete it and they offered me a few useless ways to change it. Then I asked if they could just change the email address for me so it is aligned with my main account. They said they couldn't, so they re-enabled it and asked me to complete registration and then I can change the account myself. I'll give it a go, but it seems crazy that we've an an email conversation that's lasted 10 days, when all they had to do was delete an incomplete and unused entry. Amazon Advantage

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  1. Hi Niel, You might try contacting ATAS books in Ohio, USA. They have some good distribution options that might work for you.