Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Master of Linguistics

The delay in publication has been useful (he said turning a negative otherwise). I went to Nottingham at the weekend with a few friends to see one of my oldest friends who already has 15 years in language education, Celta teacher etc, a Masters in Linguistics at Oxford and is now doing another post-doctorate in Neuroscience (specifically to do with language). Anyway, in the past he re-wrote some classics into musicals but he didn't try to publish / promote. I respect his point of view and after a pint or two I agreed to email him a PDF of what I'm about to publish. But - if he picks partial, purple, pedantic or philosophical faults I'm not really interested in changing Tortoise George. I'm more interested in pushing on to the next book. And if he likes it - well that's nice of course. I think that what I think is the most important thing for my books.

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